W​hat "few of" Lamborghini are you?

35w ago


C​hoose a driving destination?

  • C​urvy road with the ocean roaring beside me and nobody else around
  • T​he racetrack giving it all I got to win
  • T​o car shows
  • O​n long freeways flying!

P​ick a Style?

  • F​ighter Jet
  • R​acing style!
  • S​omething unique and stunning
  • S​omething out of this word

H​ow do you feel about a hybrid Lambo?

  • A​wesome!
  • I​ts okay
  • B​LASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D​o you need a modern interior?

  • Y​es!!!
  • I​t is always nicer
  • I​ don't care about interiors

W​hat engine do you prefer from lamborghnini?

  • 5​.2L V10
  • 6​.5L V12

D​o you need the latest Technology?

  • Y​ES!!!
  • N​ot really
  • A​bsolutely Not!

W​hat in your mind was the last classic Lamborghini(not necessarily old)?

  • M​urcielago
  • G​allardo
  • O​riginal Aventador
  • C​ountach
  • D​iablo

H​ow would you rate the looks of the Sian

  • E​PIC!
  • c​ool
  • M​eh
  • U​GLY!!!

D​o you think Lamborghini is better than ever?

  • F​or sure!!!
  • M​aybe
  • N​ot at all!

D​o you think Lamborghini is becoming too much?

  • U​M YEAH
  • N​ot really
  • ​Not at all

H​ow do you feel about the Terzo Millennio?

  • I​t is Ludicrously stupid!!
  • M​eh
  • I​ love it!!

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