W​hat Great cars of 2019 that'd didn't sell are you?

H​ow important is luxury to you?

  • I​ncredibly important
  • ​important
  • i​ts nice to have
  • T​o heavy!!

D​o you mind Hybrids?

  • I​ don't mind there cool!
  • I​ don't need a hybrid

D​o you like small, pure sports cars?

  • O​ne of my favorite class of cars
  • Y​eah I like them
  • U​h not that much

D​o you like off-roading?

  • I​ must have off-road capability
  • Y​es
  • I​ don't really care for it

C​hoose a country of origin?

  • G​ermany
  • J​apan
  • I​taly
  • A​merican

D​o you NEED tons of horsepower?

  • Y​ES!!!
  • I​ don't NEED a ton of horsepower

W​here would you take your car?

  • I​t would be the perfect daily driver
  • ​Sand dunes, mud, rocks off-road everywhere
  • T​o fancy restaurants and drive in the hills
  • ​To coastal roads

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