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What hanging on your keys? Show us!

So what's that hanging off your keys?

Before this fun discussion moves forward I have a small housekeeping issue if you will. I understand that hanging excess weight off of your ignition can do harm... blah, blah, blah we know! We don't need to hear it again. No one is planning on suspending their large pet from their keys. Well I hope not anyways, that is a terrible idea, use a cage or something proper. Be nice to your pet.

blah, blah blah, we know!

guy who doesn't care

Moving on now.

For many of us, what we choose to from our beloved car keys can say a little about who we are. Do you keep your car keys seperate from the rest as to not water down the essence of your ride? Perhaps you are the type of chap who has a dangly lanyard tethered to them so you can easily whip them out at a moments notice. If you are the person with the lanyard, word of warning, know your spinning radius if you decide to make them go round and round. I may have done some damage back in my lanyard wielding days.

When I got my first car keys I remember being so proud! What will pair it with? That was a big decision at the time. It was link a blank canvas, it could be my own masterpiece. Such glorious plans I had. I ended up heading to the local car/ hardware store, Canadian Tire. I must have gone through everything they had, twice. I remember the journey more than what I actually bought. Likely, since I had no money after I bought my first car at 16, it was something very cheap. From there it began to grow. Usually with whatever free swag I could get.

Do you like something fluffy on there so it looks like a hamster eating your keys? Perhaps it's ring after ring of key clusters allowing you to probably access no less than a dozen places. Maybe you are showing some branded gear to match those keys. The combinations are endless.

My TDI is peppy at best

wish it were faster

In more recent years I become more streamlined in my choices. The bare essentials of required keys and accompanied by one choice item that I enjoy looking at whenever I go to use my keys. Also I am very tall with long legs and a key chain over 4 inches attacks my knees during spirited driving and that simply will not do. These days you will find the diecast Millennium Falcon riding shotgun to my Jetta Wagon keys. Makes my keys feel fast, even if my TDI is peppy at best. I am a geek, nerd, dork or whatever. I fall a little into each category I'm sure. I love cars, but I also really enjoy planes, computers, sci fi and more. Luckily a friend who knew my appreciaition for Star Wars and the ships gave me my new key jewellery, art, accessory or what you wish to call it. It suits me well.

How about you, show us what is on your keys and why? Show us in the comments!

Please repost and share. I would like to get as much feedback as possible!

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