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Fans of the original Italian Job film have been deprived of a sequel for too long. There was an American version but that wasn't related to the original film and didn't answer any questions ... like what happened to the gold that was left precariously hanging over the cliff edge? What was the idea Michael Caine eluded to at the end of the movie? ...and where were the rest of the gang? I did a head count, they weren't all on the bus.

The original film aired in 1969, that coach has been hanging on a cliff edge for nigh on 50 years and it's about time we found out what happened to Charlie and the boys! There has been much speculation, BBC News even covered a Royal Society of Chemistry competition searching for a solution to the ultimate cliffhanger.

While there are some elements of our own solution in there, what these teams of eggheads have failed to consider in their calculations is the number of people on the bus, not all of the gang are there and what happened to the Land Rover? The last time the Land Rover is seen is when it's dragging the security van containing the gold off of the street.

We know they wouldn't have left it behind, not after going to so much trouble to destroy any evidence of their planning. Nor is the Land Rover with them on the mountain road when gang members transfer from the Dormobile to the Coach. The Land Rover crew could just be their salvation but I won't give too much away, I wouldn't want to spoil your enjoyment of the long awaited sequel. We do know that Charlie had a back up plan though and that they were heading for a rendezvous in Geneva.

It's early days but we have interest from Paramount and experienced cast and crew keen to get this off the ground including Bond legend Vic Armstrong whose exact words were "You give me three minis with drivers in full face helmets and I'll give you the greatest car chase."

You might recognise the voice reading the script synopsis in the teaser video below. Let us know what you think and don't forget to pop a 'like' on The Job facebook page: www.facebook.com/The-JOB-Bluebird-1753565851587973/

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