What happened to all the cool cars?

Do you really want to be stuck in a laptop with wheels that has a number and a letter for a name?

5y ago

Ok so not everyone can afford exotic beasts with names such as 458 Speciale or Diablo, but does that mean you have to quit all-together? Spending a third of my life, like most of us,being stuck in traffic I can't help but look around when being stationary for the 4th consecutive green-light, and noticing the horror that has become the average car.

Everything is brown and grey or a weird shade of the color your grandmother used to have on her walls when you were little, and it just has to stop. At the same time there are no more names. There are simply short enumerations of letters and numbers that seem to create some sort of hierarchy. The man in the X5 seems to have more privileges then his brother in the smaller A3, no-signal lain-switching whilst being fully allowed for the first results in a near decapitation of the latter.

Leaving traffic-equality aside, the vast majority of these bleak-tools, as I like to call them, cost near or upwards of 20 to 30 grand. That is a some-what large amount of money being spent on something you are going to spend a lot of time in. Do you really want to be stuck in a laptop with wheels that has a number and a letter for a name?

For half the amount spent on an average bleak-tool you could get yourself something called Brera or Spider. And if you dread that Italian reliability I'm sure there are plenty Boxter's and Evo's to go around. And still have half your money, whilst spending time in something that manages to put a grin on your face once in a while.

If you're going to argue about mpg or taxes on this it means you deserve to spend all of your life in one of those bleak-tools, and don't understand that a car, in order to be such a thing, has to sound a particular way, has to smell in a particular way, and no that new car smell that resembles a shoe store does not count. Most importantly, it has to make you feel a certain way. Life is short, buy the 15-year-old V8 and go to Barbados, it'll make you smile. A lot! Or you could give all of that to VW for a full spec, two litre Passat..

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  • @James Thomas. Well said, a lot of people are forced into average boring cars because their circumstances don´t allow them to buy something more interesting. However if These people were to look around a bit more on the market they would come up with better propositons than they are driving now. Why for instance do Americans own a ton of SUVs which handle worse than Saloons/Estates haven´t got more space than them, use more fuel, are slower and in my opinion at least look uglier? Because they haven´t tested anything different and like Zombies walked into the next Showroom and bought some car, these people won´t buy a Sports car in 10 or 20 years time i fear.

      5 years ago
  • @Benjamin Oetken. I agree, i got a fast(ish) estate and I've got a Mustang on order. My point was that most people don't care what they drive, most people on here probably do but the rest of the world are more interested in the laptop on wheels option provided it's cheap, reliable and does big mpg. Or alternatively people are forced into a dull car while they have commitments but will buy something fantastic when their circumstances allow. You don't have to drive a Porsche to be a car enthusiast, it may be that you've put it on hold for a while.

      5 years ago
  • @James Thomas it doesn´t matter what your Needs are there are interesting propositions for anyone. Someone with a Family for instance might get a hot hatch or fast estate.

      5 years ago
  • I generally agree, though most people don't care about what they drive, if they did Kia, Hyundai et al wouldn't exist in the car sector let alone grow. Equally there are people who'd rather have a Porsche but have a couple of kids and all their gear to haul around, it doesn't mean they don't like cars as much as you, but it's also madness to think they'll get the wife, 2 kids and all the luggage in a Boxster for the family holiday. The sports car manufacturers love these people because one day they'll be able to buy something they really want (often brand new, they've got the money) ditching the laptop on wheels as you call it. A few years later that becomes your entertaining used sports car bargain.

      5 years ago
  • very true, and well said.

      5 years ago