What happened to big engines?

2y ago


Although the 21st century has brought us many improvements we can't say that car engines are one of them. How can everyone be complaining about unreliable cars when every bleak-tool is powered by a 1.something, over-turbo-ed, toy of an engine?

You honestly believe a 1.2 TSI is going to do anything in a Skoda Octavia? Or if it's going to give you the impression it is moving the car, it only happens until 60 or 70 MPH, point after which the gas pedal becomes purely decorative. Overtaking in such tiny-heart-ed beasts is also pointless, especially if you have 3 people with you and luggage in the trunk.

I know car taxes and insurance companies don't exactly help when it comes to owning a 5.0 liter V8, but when you take into consideration all the down-sides of small engines, who cares? That 1.something is never going to average the MPG it's manufacturer claims it will. The string of problems from all the engine over-stressing, just to get decent numbers on a piece of paper, will also ruin your experience. Might as well enjoy some V8 symphonies at those prices.

Imagine the grin on your face. Let's see a juice bottle pull this of.

Imagine starting to hear a rattle in your 1.2 petrol engine that makes it sound like a diesel. When it has 25k miles on it. And after fixing it, a short amount of time and miles being the only variables that'll make it do the same again. It's not a car it's a money-pit.

We should refuse owning beasts powered by something smaller then the average juice bottle. But that's just me. If you prefer having the same MPG and running costs as a 5.0 liter V8 on your Pepsi bottle, go wright ahead. No one is going to stop you. Just remember: life is short. Buy the V8!