What happened to drivers?

It's just horrific how 30 years of progress in car-development turned into 30 years of regression for the daily-driver.

4y ago

There was once a time when being behind the wheel meant something. It was taken seriously and cars weren't just ,easy-to-use ,daily tools. In all fairness it was a lot harder to drive a car back then without all the modern progress of technology. Then again, seeing what these advancements have done to the driver of our times, maybe it was better without them.We have so many aids to help us drive, everybody seems to have forgotten how to do it.

First of all, no-one, and I mean NO-ONE resumes to just driving. After the mundane task of holding the steering-wheel, or that bagel-shaped thing on the dashboard as I heard a woman in Starbucks call hers, other 3 or 4 items demand at least the same amount of attention, if not more.There is no point including women in this discussions any longer as this will just become a long list of things they do before driving. It'll probably turn into a dictionary half-way thorough. I'm not saying this applies to all women, there are some 'unicorns' out there who could teach even the best of drivers a lesson, but they are rare nonetheless.

Getting back to the main issue, it's just horrific how 30 years of progress in car-development turned into 30 years of regression for the daily-driver. Everybody has this weird seat position they could fall asleep in and not even have time to wake up before hitting previously mentioned steering-wheel. If they'd be any closer, it'd turn into a headrest. I don't understand how they move their hands. God forbid these people have any sense of space whatsoever. If there's a bicycle on the side of the road going 5 mph they'll just wait until a 20 car-gap presents itself, when 2 cars and a bike could easily fit side-by-side .

All these in capabilities aside, the worst, the absolute worst remains the fact that at some point these people adventure into a journey longer then 25 miles. On roads with speed-limits three times higher then anything they've ever achieved before. That's when disaster truly strikes and something as simple as a lane change turns into a 10-car crash. All because a pothole made the steering-wheel feel like it should probably be frantically agitated from side to side whilst in that contortion-ed driving position.

Obviously not everyone can be an expert driver, nor should they. But a minimum is demanded in this case, I'm afraid. It's not like you're just going to fall off your bicycle, scrape your knee a bit and all will be fine under the sun end of the day. You're actually moving at speeds that 100 years ago were impossible for your kind to achieve, whilst captive in more than a tone of metal and other things that do more then scrape a knee. Just sayn'...

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  • I was considering purchasing a new pickup, and while looking at a ford, I was horrified to see a back-up assist feature. This consisted of a back up camera with a little knob on the dash to steer the truck while you back up ?????? I have a 1942 Chevrolet with the same features; they're called mirrors and a steering wheel. How stupid do people have to be to need video game controls to drive their vehicle? If you need this - you shouldn't be behind the wheel, and this applies to most of the other driver aids now available on vehicles.

      4 years ago
  • I absolutely hate those 500dB seatbelt warning sounds. It's not practical, It's just annoying. If somebody feels like they need them, they do not acctually care about using seatbelts. Those who care about using seatbelts, it's the first thing they do when they sit down in there cars, it's like an ancient instinct sitting deep inside there brain. And if every new car absolutely have to have antiskid, antispin, annoying warning sounds, anti everything, at least let them have the option to turn it 100% off. I don't want it, I want to learn while I'm driving. Anti lock brakes is the only thing I appreciate, I don't have it on my daily tough. Excuse my english grammar and writing.

      4 years ago
  • I cant stand a radio in a real drive , I need to hear and feel the road. BRAVO!

      4 years ago
  • yup

      4 years ago
  • I think if you did some research you'd find that people have always been shit at driving. Deaths in cars have gone down since the golden years you've failed to specify while miles driven and cars operated have grown exponentially. You might instead, write an article about how incredibly thankful you are that cars are so easy to drive, allowing we, the conscious motorists to survive our commute to the local backroad.

      4 years ago