What Happened to Hot Rods?

We'll be revisiting the gas guzzling 1960's, and where all the hot rods went.

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Let's start by going back in time, it's a hot summers day in 1960's California. You're walking to the beach when you hear a loud revving V8 down the road. You look up to see a blue metal flake custom ford coming down the street going 80mph, as the car rushes by you close your eyes and feel the ground shake and smell gas. By the time you've opened your eyes its already gone. What happened to that feeling.

Modern Day Hot Rods.

It's been years since we've had a hot rod. The closest we've come in almost 2 decades is the plymouth prowler (My mother is the only person I know who would to drive want one.). The 2002 model and the 1933 model do have quite a few differences. Examples V8 vs. V6, well built with passion vs. literally held together with parts from 20 different cars and duck tape, and most importantly I actually want to drive one. This leads to the last question.

Why Hasn't There Been A New One

I don't know how to answer this one quite honestly. All I do know is that I want ford, chevy, dodge, who ever to start coming out with classic body styles and huge V8's. An electric hot rod even sounds cool nowadays. If anyone at a major car manufacturer see's this, please make some knew hot rods for the new generation.


Sorry if this article isn't the best quality. I'm just a 9th grader with a passion of cars so I hope you enjoyed it.

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  • Great article, you're definitely onto something!

    Hotrodding is still very much happening, only the canvases are changing. When picking up an 30's Ford used to be cheap, people would take them and create what we affectionately call a traditional Hot Rod today.

    But with improvements in technology and the cars that we drive, the comparable budget metal we can buy today is different. That's why we're seeing mad modification in the early 2000's cars - they're cheap bases built to be cool.

    You're right though, I'd definitely love a big brand to release something Hot Rod-esque that doesn't look the Prowler.

      17 days ago