What happened to just driving?

I do believe it's not just me when I say that there are few experiences that can compare to driving on an empty road. Personally I prefer late-night drives, darkness being absorbed faster and faster by the headlights does something to me I guess. Leaving that aside for a moment, what happened to just getting in your car or on your donor-cycle and just going...anywhere?

We can come up with so many excuses in the 21st century, this is the best skill developed nowadays, shifting and deflecting. Making everything, beside your momentary choice, sound like absolute lunacy. "It's Sunday, I have work tomorrow, I'll be lifeless if I go drive for an hour or two, oh but I absolutely love cars/driving etc."

To be fair the bloke in question probably drives a car that can't seem to stop smiling ,from that weird car-maker called Peugeot, and this brings me to our most well-developed excuse of them all. Cars are just regular, daily-use tools for us now, and it's killing them and the experience of driving.

I know it's really hard to enjoy a 1.6 diesel when you're on mediocre wage and you bought a dog that weighs more than you, on the spur of the moment. But let that four-legged beast inside your contraption of a diesel and I'll promise, no I'll guarantee you, it's going to be the best hour and a half and 80 miles of your life.

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  • I love a good drive, it's an awesome feeling knowing that your destination is the same place as where you left and all that remains is the time frame you set for yourself. It really doesn't matter what you drive either as long as fun is achieved in the duration.

    I need to get out again when family time isn't so demanding.

    2 years ago
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  • I love a good night drive but it totally depends on the road I am driving. I absolutely adore blasting through the night on a bit of Autobahn or a relatively open Country road. But driving a mountain pass at 3 in the morning particulary in bad weather is absolutely horrible. Another disadvantage is you cannot see the policemen hiding in the bushes to catch you speeding as easily.

    2 years ago
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