What happens if you drive a Tesla Model S Plaid through seven feet of water?

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9w ago

Have you ever wondered what happens if you drive a $140,000 Tesla Model S Plaid through seven feet of water? Of course you haven't because you're not insane, but this person has and decided to test it out.

This test was completed by the Chillin' with Chet YouTube channel and it was to see how an electric car would handle being submerged in a pool of water. Before doing the test, checks and tests were done to ensure everything would run smoothly and off they went.

At first, the Tesla was doing well until it reached a depth it could no longer reach and began floating instead. Thankfully, it was tied onto a rope and could be pulled out the other end. The car refuses to sink and instead shuts down.

Does this mean EVs can withstand water? This experiment doesn't really answer it but it is interesting to see how the car copes with it. The idea is an EV would be better in water because it doesn't need air to function like an internal combustion engine, but perhaps another test is needed?

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Comments (22)

  • Don’t do it, electricity and water don’t mix.

    They checked and insulated everything and the driver wears scuba gear.

    There are stupid people who will try and then injure themselves or worse.

      2 months ago
  • there have been reports of Teslas getting destroyed due to heavy rain and floods,this wasn't needed,it didn't even prove anything.

      2 months ago
  • This wasn't very smart. The batteries are made of lithium. All it takes a tiny leak in their protection and you have a catastrophic situation. These were not made to be submerged. Heavy deluge? Yes. Complete submersion is a big negative ghost rider.

    What the results show is that the car is designed to know when it needs to close up shop, put the boards on the windows and evacuate which is what it did. Damage was done to this vehicle and will be written off as a total by the insurance company. It can now only be sold as a salvage. To be honest selling it for parts may not be an option either. Water damage destroys components and electrical ones in particular. The interior looks to have survived but ...

      2 months ago
  • Professional advice: Don't try this at home.

      2 months ago
  • Maybe everyone here should actually study a bit more about electricity. It’s DC not AC so no it’s not the same as chucking a toaster in the water. Um, isn’t a starter motor electric? They’ve been getting submerged without damage for 100 yrs

      2 months ago
    • Eh, there's really only two comments concerned about electricity and water, and even a regular car can have shorts leading to a fire if submerged.

        2 months ago
    • Yes correct, I wouldn't believe it for the longest time until I saw someone prove it by dunking a running electric RC motor into a bucket of water and it kept going.

        2 months ago