What Happens to Cool Abandoned Cars in Japan?

There is one thing you should know about Japan. If it’s old, if it’s defective, that means it goes in the trash. For cars, the trash is called a graveyard. Maybe that it used to be nice? Maybe it still is? No one cares. Garbage! Rubbish!

(This was originally published on OppositeLock and shared on Jalopnik in January 2016 )

Japan is known to be a country of new things, new technologies, gadgets and so on. It’s also fairly famous for being the country that has the cleanest, newest rust free cars on the road that you can see anywhere in the world. If I’m not mistaking, the average lifespan for a car in Japan is around 6 years, which is insanely low compared to any western country. When a car is deemed too old, it’s sold for nearly nothing (sometimes the seller even has to pay to get rid of his car) and it’s shipped to Africa, India, England or America. Some of those cars don’t get sold because they have a problem. Then, they get crushed or graveyards part them out.

Have you ever seen an Autozam AZ-1 on top of an Austin Mini, in a graveyard, rotting away? In Japan, you can. Enjoy (or not) seeing what Japanese do with cars they don’t want!

So obviously, it's not an original, but still Beck replicas aren't cheap nowadays...

Beaten and rotten Beat!

So even if it’s impossible to guess on this picture, this is an impressive collection of engine. Truly massive.

Right next to the graveyard is a shop, closed when I went, with “project cars” that have been laying around for WAAAAAAY too long. According to my friend, the owner is a weird guy and he refuses to sell at any price. I guess he’d rather see them rot forever in front of him. Go figure...

Only a third gen Isuzu 117, designed by Giugiaro, one of my personal favorite design, along with the Fiat Dino.

Like the Mazdda Carol? Well, you can be certain no spare parts can be salvaged off of those!

Oh, something that seems to be in good shape! Toyota Corona!

And a couple of Benz next to it...

Well, at least this one is for sale...4000$ seems a bit high though... He may have put the sign 10 years ago when it was still good looking though? no? Yeah probably not...

On the other hand, this 2CV Charleston looks salvageable and completely restorable. I’d buy it myself for a good price, but as I said, this guy doesn’t sell anything unfortunately.

Keep in mind, that, with the very first gen 2CV, the Charleston is one of the most desirable version you can buy. This guy doesn’t seem to care. Weirdly are those french license plates with German lettering, showing that the car comes from Paris, don’t even seem that old...

This one is not going anywhere though. Won’t let it rust either... I just wanted to hug her after witnessing such a massacre.

So, who wants to organize a fundraiser for abandoned and beaten cool cars in Japan?

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Comments (5)
  • What a tragedy! I'd rescue that Mini and the Autozam and the Volvo Amazon immediately! They deserve to migrate to the American afterlife.

    I'll be sure to mention to my car how lucky he was to be a US export model. XD

    1 year ago
  • Yep I just came across some the other day while driving here in Japan.

    2 years ago


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