What happens when you turn up to a classic car meet in a VTEC Mini?

2y ago


The guys at Mighty Car Mods are well-known in the online car modification community and have produced some truly epic builds over the years, the quirkiest of which being their Rover Mini JDM conversion.

The A-Series four-cylinder engine was removed to be replaced by a Honda B16 engine from a Civic Type R, giving the '98 Mini the power and performance it has always craved. Mini enthusiasts may turn their noses up at this switcheroo but there's no questioning how good a job Marty and Moog did on the little British icon.

After a hiatus from the YouTube channel, the JDM Mini is back, although the guys are taking it to a place you'd least expect. Turning up and entering a Mini concours competition, Moog puts his 1.6-litre pocket rocket up against some of the best original Minis in the local area, with every spec of dirt and splurge of oil being analysed.

The MCM crew manage to take home second place in the Rover/JDM category of the Mini competition, albeit 2nd place out of a total of two entries.

The greatest part of the video however comes from an event organiser, who - addressing the controversial art of restomodding - says "Minis are historically a modified car, they've been raced right from the day they brought the Mini out. People found a great car and they started modifying it. You shut the bonnet, it's still a Mini. I think it's great".

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