- It was surely this one for me.

What has been the best race of 2019 so far?

1w ago


After China, we all pretty much knew that Lewis Hamilton will become a six-time world champion this year. The championship fight isn't that interesting, but the races! Especially the last six or seven have ALL been fantastic.

My favourite though, was Germany. Everything was dramatic. Wet! Kimi P3 on lap 1! Leclerc hits the wall! Hamilton ruins his whole race! Bottas spins out! Vettel comes from 20th to 2nd! DANIIL KVYAT GETS A PODIUM FOR TORO ROSSO!!!

I loved it. Many other races gave us awesome battles, like Bahrain, Britain, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Austria and even Monaco. Great year for Formula 1. Charles Leclerc taking it to Max Verstappen is the battle of the future, and I absolutely love the racing.

What was your favourite race?


Also, give your opinion and shout all you want in the comments.

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