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The Diamond Rally: The Drive

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You have probably never heard of an event called the Diamond Rally. It's a large charity event where you get to either rent an exotic car, or if you can just drive your own car if it's nice enough. Participants get to drive up the highway connecting Vancouver to a small town called Pemberton, the Sea-to-Sky highway (Highway 99). Once you arrive in Pemberton, you enter the airport where you get to do a spot of drag racing. But that's enough explaining for now (if you want a more in-depth explanation check out my article about it, or just look at the website, I suppose).


During the week before, we were told we would be receiving a text from the organizers where the meeting place was, when it was happening and what group we were in (there were three groups). We were told we were in the second group to leave and that we had to leave at 8 am.

When we woke up, I wolfed down a muffin and headed to the meeting place. We arrived at the event and got ready. I got to admire the incredible cars while wishing I had a cup of coffee. There was everything from a Mercedes C class sedan to a Mclaren P1 and everything in between.


It was about 10 am by the time we started our engines. The sound was spectacular, V8s, V10s, V12s and everything else all starting up and revving their engines, it was truly incredible. Once we started moving we were led out of the city by police while dozens of people watched at the side of the road. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge passing camera vehicles and looking at the view, which was sadly a bit obstructed by clouds and possibly smoke. Once we got onto the highway we were able to start really push our little Audi TT... for about five seconds. We were stuck in traffic for quite a while. Once we got out of the traffic we got to start going faster than a few kilometres an hour.


We passed through a small ski town called Whistler on our way to Pemberton and grabbed some lunch, after that, we headed off to the airfield. As we arrived in Pemberton we passed a number of cars who were just finished their drag racing session. Once we got to the airfield we pulled up behind the others and waited to be let in.

But that for another day! I'll be making a part 2 to this which will be about the drag races.

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  • Damn. Eventful weekend.

      22 days ago