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What I Have learned after doing car photography for a year.


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One year, that's a long time, it has been over one full year since I have devoted more time to photography than what could be considered healthy, that's not to say that photography is unhealthy but you get the point. We will start things off with the simple stuff... I am not making a full return but I do plan to post a few more times than have done in the past few months.

The Basics

If/when you pursue your photography dreams of being an accomplished photographer shooting for top gear or car magazines those are all good ambitions but you need to start simple, keep your bigger ambitions in mind, but you should also are smaller more easily achievable goals to keep up you motivated and excited to work. To start with it will be hard to get views, likes, followers, etc. of course these numbers count to pretty much nothing so doesn’t get all caught up/obsessed with it because at the end of the day the goal is to improve your skills, the only relevant number is followers and views because that determines how many people see your content Wich leads to better exposure and then your posts are more likely to be seen by the right people (media outlets car owners and event organizers). Learn to do more than just cars, street, nature and portraits are all great styes of photography that relate some way or another to car photography, so if you don’t have anything to shoot go on a drive and just look at the scenery.

Excel Supra at Status Seasonal 2021

Excel Supra at Status Seasonal 2021


Skills are the most important part of photography so here are some tips... to start with, capturing the details to show the small and fine features that otherwise are too minor to see these tend to be the most interesting parts of the subject like wing mirrors headlights and tail lights badges and emblems also tend to make for interesting shots if done right. Emphasize the subjects' angles and make it look aggressive getting low tends to do this very well. Shooting at eye level can be a very big no no it doesn't look interesting because it is the angle we see most frequently so get creative! Getting “hero shots” is more adding the scenery to the shot and making more of a headline shot to display the whole car and its surroundings, when you do a hero shot you need to be certain that the location matches the car so, don’t take a Lamborghini Aventador off road! The rule of thirds, if you are unfamiliar with it then let me explain, your camera screen it divided up in to a 3x3 grid the center rectangle is the center of the image and if you put the subject on any one of the intersecting points than you have used the rule of thirds. That is a VERY ROUGH explanation if it is still unclear, please google it. But this is a very good Guide to use to create an interesting image and should be used to enhance the look of an otherwise normal image.

Gear and software

This is what most people think is important. It is but it isn't the most important of all things. Long-time followers of this account will remember the old PFP, the Mazda CX-5 that was taken and edited on my phone (Samsung Galaxy A-20) and that is where I started on a phone and that is what I suggest you do as most Modern phone cameras are more than capable of capturing some killer shots. If you are thirsty for more, you can get a DSLR camera to take your photography to the next level, there are many brands but for beginners I would have to recommend Canon there are a wider range of lenses available for these cameras, unlike other brands, said lenses also tend to be a little bit cheaper. The body is more expensive with a basic beginner model (canon) setting you back a cool $680AUD (as a kit) , this will get the job done, though. For night photos Sony tend to be the best option as the sensors have a higher megapixel count and can handle low light situations better than competitors. Small accessory's worth getting is a good polarizing filter, this removes most reflections and gets your photos looking good straight out of the camera without any editing, an ND filter is good for rollers so that you can get a low shutter speed and keep the photo well exposed at the same time. For softwere I use Adobe Lightroom classic and Adobe photoshop. You don’t need to have incredible photoshop skills to get mint photos you just need to know how to use lightroom and its little tools to get started, you don’t even need to buy it on a pc because there is a lite version for a mobile device, which will get the job done on a budget. Also available is the simple version of lightroom “photoshop lightroom” simple but effective, and camera raw plugin for photoshop but for this you need to be shooting RAW.

Other information

When you start out it is very likely that not many or even any people will want to setup a shoot unless you find the right person. Hence why it's important to use any opportunities you get, what do I mean? Go to shows and meets, talk with owners, shoot the cars and show this will give you good practice with shooting cars in some of the toughest conditions (people walking Infront of your shot both in the foreground and the background, if the weather is bad, the location and how the car is positioned) are all things that you can change on a shoot, if the weather is bad reschedule for another day, people are in your shot then wait you won't have to wait long for them to clear out, location is bad? Go somewhere else, etc. Something I still do to this day is, only taking one shot when I have time to check and make Sure that what I have is as good as I can get it, so I get back to edit and there is a great shot but it is too blurry and I don’t have one that isn't blurry. This happens too often to me so make shore you double check what you have!


Have fun! That is always the goal, because if you aren't having fun then you won't do well, keep in mind that some of what I have said could be very wrong so do Dubble check on google with various sites. This article doesn't mark my full return; however, I do intend on posting more often than I have been!

If I missed something or got something wrong leave a comment so that I can fix it.


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