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What i think of the Ford Mustang Mach-E:

This is Ford's all new all electric car that will be on sale later this year,but crucially this is the new replacement for the Mustang. Yes, a nice big V8 sports car is being replaced by an electric SUV. When i, and I'm sure you to, layed eyes on this for the first time we were all making faces and asking why. And the reason why is emissions law's. These are the reason why the new Mustang is electric, why there is not going to ba another Focus RS and so on. Now we are in 2021 (Happy New year by the way) car company's have to hit an average emissions standard of 95g/km. If they don't meat this, they will have to pay massive fines. So For has had to make very big sacrifices. So, to keep us car lovers happy, they have had to do a lot of work.

And i am happy to say... I think this new Mustang is very good car. It is very good looking, very practical and has a very nice interior with a huge tesla like infotainment screen. This is all very nice,but there is one problem. I don't think it deserves to have the Mustang badge on the front of it. It is a very good car but ever since the Mustang came out in thd 60s, it has been a coupe with a V8. I would be fine with it being an electric coupe but not an SUV.

Please tell me what you think of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

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  • I agree that the mach E is undeserving of the mustang name but it is a good suv, and I think a proper electric mustang would be nice (proper minus the v8)

      1 month ago