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What I Think The Cyber Truck Looks Like

Take me seriously or not, but I needed to say it.

You remember when you were a kid, and you built little cardboard houses? And then they would be all slanted, and broken looking, but at least you tried? That.

Or when you were little, and you tried to build a tree house with your dad, and it turned out to be crap, all slanted and broken? That too.

The Cyber Truck looked like someone effed it up with an anvil. Like they just kept dropping the damn thing on top of it.

It also looks like the lunch boxes we would carry to school when we were kids. Thermos included.

The damn Cyber Truck looks like Elon Musk just said eff it, and threw this together. Because he’s got money, so why try to make something genius, when he can just put something together that looks like it was run over and smashed a million times by a tank. I mean, he’s not wrong though. Because If I had the money and just said eff it, I’ll make this weird looking thing that looks like a tree just fell on it, and it just stayed there for days, while birds crapped on it, and people will still buy it.

I know there is some people out there that think this is cool, but I am not one of those people. The front looks like a billboard on top of Times Square. And the ATV idea? Ok I guess. Even the back of that, when you open it, looks like the plant from Little Shop Of Horrors when it’s hungry. And also, when it’s closed, looks like it was beaten to death with a paddle. I admit I would ride the ATV. You all can have the cyber truck. I’m good ✌🍷

I’m only being funny. Or am i?

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