What I want to see in the next Forza Horizon game!

Here is what i want to see in the next Forza Horizon Game!

So with the next Horizon game due sometime in the winter in the UK i thought it would be a great idea to copy what every Forza Youtuber has done and make a wishlist for FH5. So lets begin.

The Location...

So this is probably the most difficult question when it comes to games, however if had to do a top three i would pick: 3. The USA 2. Somewhere in the Middle East 1. Japan. Why? Well the USA has lots of long straight roads and huge Highways as well as lots of cities and good mountain roads, which is perfect for open world games like Horizon. The middle east has great car culture as well as lots of cities, also they have huge deserts with long straights, however there arent many winding roads. Then Japan rolls all of this together and it will give great opportunities for tuners to create great drift cars and we cant forget about the cities!

The Cars...

For this im going to focus on new cars that we NEED to see. 1. Tesla model S 3 X Y 2. Toyota Supra 3. Audi Rs6 Avant and other super estates 4. The newest versions of all the cars currently in the game!

Finally the features...

So there are a few key features i want to see: 1. The ability to get out of the car 2. Interior customization 3. INDICATORS 4. The ability to operate roof on convertible cars. Then other things to make the game more realistic, so being able to start and stop the engine and the auto gearbox setting in the game acting like an actual auto would be good to see.

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Comments (7)

  • I would like to see Skoda in FH5

      26 days ago
    • Yes, i forgot to add about more normal cars, FH4 is set in Britain and an average first car is a polo or fiesta but in the game its a focus rs. Its supposed to be realistic after all.

        26 days ago
    • That to but I was thinking about Fabia r5, S2000, Felicia kit car, Octavia kit car and VRS versions

        26 days ago
  • There should also be a race track, like the LEGO Valley in FH4

      23 days ago
  • First we will most likely have to wait for the next Horizon for a while, as it will sure not be released before the next Forza Motorsport.

    As for the car choice: i would like to see more typical cars from around the world.

    Like Skodas and Seats, maybe Lada, Trabant, Tata, Mahindra and so on. And some competition for the Unimog is needed, it's the only offroad truck in the game.

    But we'll see what the will still add to Horizion 4, at least they just upped the garage capacities.

    Getting out of the car maybe wouldn't fit Forza. Indicators and other realistic functions sound good, but looking at the XBox controller i must admit i'm running out of keys to use them. :-(

    But i would really love to see working roofs on convertibles, it mostly rains when i drive them.

      25 days ago
  • I hope for Germany/Austria/Swiss and a 1:1 map

      26 days ago