What I Want(ed)

1y ago


Many miles ago, in a time far, far away, I was inspired to come up with a new type of motoring show. The show would have female presenters (I would be one, obv), and aside from the expected banter about likes and dislikes, it would feature a lot of consideration to the d@ting scene. Possible segments to include singles driving up before us to be critiqued on the impressions they might give and offer possible remedies as necessary, and a version of "The D@ting Game" where a contestant picks a date by the description of the car they drive (slightly misleading information by host, naturally).

Well that hasn't happened! But Drivetribe is pretty awesome! There's some serious girl power going on, and a lot of cool, genuine enthusiasts hang around chit chatting and showing us great stuff (some even have a sense of humor!)...so I'm bringing these daydreams to light here, with you, my fellow presenters and audience members! (Its morphed a bit though, but who knows...one day...)

What We Want is for everyone, no age, gender, preference or status restrictions. We will try to keep it all PG by using flagrant innuendo and the like, but some things may at times be unsuitable for the youngest ones, so please censor as is appropriate for you and yours. There may be a generous amount of ribbing - its fine as long as it comes from a place of fun, not meanness. We'll have some fun playing with stereotypes and love those who smash them just as much!

Stay tuned as I roll out new segments, er...tabs, about #whatwewant !

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