What if DRIVETRIBERS were cars?

The infamous series returns and, I like to think, in a dramatic manner

At some point in time, everyone has asked a what if.

'What if a hammer fell on Newton's head?'

'What if climate change wasn't real?'

'What if Olivia Rodrigo made music?'

We've all asked it. Some have even got it answered in the form of whatever latest song from Olivia, I mean no offence to her but.

Anyways if we move ahead from overrated Disney alumni, we arrive at the question of the day: 'What if DRIVETRIBERS were cars' and yes it's not a conventional question- not in the least because you're always in the fear of missing someone out- but because you have to know the person to correctly assign them their cars based on their personality and so with 5 people in mind, I am writing this post hoping that Nicholas likes his car cuz he picky-picky.

FAIR WARNING: there are only 5 people in this post so as to not drag it longer than the Nile. All of you mean equally to me and I may do this is installments so.

Ferdi K

Ferdi's the Donkervoort D8 GTO not only because they're both Dutch but also because they're both dynamic in their own fields which is...whatever it is. Annoying John Coleman? JOHN WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON THE DONKERVOORT, please and thank you

Vincent Hรถhlich

Our very dear Mincent transforms into a Maserati Quattroporte III because it's like him- Boomer-ish, executive and a boring shade. I bet it confuses Lancias and Alfa Romeos as stallions too. Wunderbar.

Shut Up And Let Me Speak

Smol, annoying and for the giggles, the Cygnet describes our resident horse politician Kaaron Muppet very well. In fact, one might say the Cygnet V8 was modelled after Aaron but then one would be lying. The only thing modelled after Aaron is Dora's monkey- Boots, was it?

Nicholas C

Nicholas is the answer to the question, 'What do you get when you give Ron Weasley no comedic timing?'. I was actually going to assign Nicholas something gas guzzling like a Shelby or a TVR but then he asked for a BMC Mini Cooper S so here we are with no reason why he is one, innit innit


The Cadillac CT6-V V8 gets Madj because- um- I don't know psychology. I just thought Madj often goes unsung as a Drivetriber and so does the CT6-V. PLUS...nope nothing else. Sorry, Madj

And yes that is the end of this, remark at my lazily written article

If you did however enjoy this shitpost then you can just drop your names in the comments and I might do the next one containing you. Oh and your favourite Disney alumni cuz I have a bet with one of my friends. Until then, innit innit.

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