What if Enzo Ferrari didn’t exist?

The motoring world would have been very different if this man wasn't born

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It was the month of February and Italy was experiencing heavy snowstorms.In the middle of all this, on 18 February 1898 Enzo Anselmo Giuseppe Maria Ferrari was born not knowing what the future held for him

Enzo Ferrari is probably the most influential personality in motoring history. He is responsible for so many great things in the automotive industry. But what if Enzo didn’t exist? Things in the motoring world would be a lot more different then.

No Lambroghini, No Pagani

Image via Unsplash (Craventure Media)

Image via Unsplash (Craventure Media)

Italy is known for its food and supercars. All the niche supercar brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani have their headquarters in Italy but if Enzo wasn’t there, Italy wouldn’t have been the temple of supercars.

Once a tractor-driver called Ferrucio Lamborghini went to Enzo Ferrari and complained about the clutch in his cars then Enzo said, “You are a tractor driver, you are a farmer. You shouldn't complain about driving my cars because they're the best cars in the world."

This infuriated Mr. Lamborghini and this gave birth to the iconic supercar brand ‘Automobili Lamborghini’. Later, Horacio Pagani also stepped in the supercar business.

The truth is though, if Enzo wasn’t there then we wouldn’t be having such extraordinary supercars.

No Ford vs Ferrari battle

In the 60s, Ford were at the top of their success but they didn’t have any motorsport presence or a sports car in their lineup. In order to add a sports car to their lineup and kickstart their motorsport adventures, Ford thought of buying Ferrari which was at the time mostly a race car company that sold street-legal machines only to fund its track exploits.

In 1963, nearly all the negotiations were done but at the last moment, Enzo refused to accept the clause which stated that Ford would take control of Ferrari’s racing teams. This infuriated Ford and they went on to build the GT40 which dominated LeMans in1966, and humiliated Enzo and his team.

If Enzo didn’t exist, then we wouldn’t have seen one of the most bitter motorsport rivalries.

No F1 dominance for Schumacher

Ferrari are one of the most iconic F1 teams. They have dominated Formula 1 for years. The most prominent period of Ferrari dominance in F1 was the early 2000s when Michael Schumacher was behind the wheel of the stallion’s racing car. He joined the Italian team in 1996 and departed in 2006. With Ferrari, Schumi won 72 races and 5 consecutive world titles with Ferrari.

There would have been no Ferrari racing team and no F1 dominance without Enzo Ferrari and his racing DNA.

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So there you have it, if there wouldn’t have been a man called ‘Enzo Ferrari’ in the motoring world, then the whole landscape would have been different.

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Comments (12)

  • The heading of the article gave me shivers before even reading it!

      8 months ago
  • Just to think that Kimi would have at least one more World Title, Coulthard would have won a couple too. Even without all the other implications, it's a curious thought.

      8 months ago
  • It would be a sadder, slower, more dreary world 😔

      8 months ago
  • Enzo is and will always be the most important person in the motorsport World,yes I agree that he was annoying but it was only because of his personality and attitude that the Motorsports World is as we know it today.

      8 months ago
  • Well, Enzo wouldn't have built a Ferrari if it wasn't for Maserati and Alfa Romeo something to think about........oh boi I can't imagine growing up UAE and naming every other red 2 doors sports car a Ferrari for me at least for the 7 yr old me Ferrari equals sport cars

      8 months ago