What if F1 was a different kind of spec series?

My take on improving wheel to wheel racing in F1.

2w ago


This debate has done to death, yes I know, F1 is a constructor's championship as much as it is a driver's championship but, we'll never get to see the real talent of supposedly the best drivers in the world. So, here's how we can go about fixing it, it becomes a spec series but, the regulations remain the same & all the constructors work together to design & build the best car the regulations can allow.

This will lead to all the drivers starting on a level playing field & the teams will still play a huge role in determining the optimal strategy & efficient running of the pit - stops. This will give us close & exciting wheel to wheel racing & the teams will still play a big part in giving their drivers the best strategy & pit - stops (fast pit - stops). Hence, the best drivers & constructors will win.

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