What if I told you that your next car will be a Volvo?

Yes, a hard pill to swallow for most, but an apparently inexpensive one.

3y ago

Volvo Car South Africa (VCSA) just revealed their plan to make Volvos less soporific to the public eye; a move that might lead to a much needed sales injection for the Swedes.

The plan is a double barrel shotgun with one main target: increase the value of the car and use financial witchcraft to make a premium vehicle more affordable to the average person – a welcome notion in the current South African climate.
The first barrel contains what VCSA calls Volvo Versatility Finance. This plan guarantees the future value of your brand new Volvo through Volvo Car Financial Services, which means that your dealer will buy back your Volvo at a predetermined value within limited mileage after ownership of three years. This also means that Volvo owners can always drive a new car without the reminiscent “my car is not worth much” hassles of days past.

“We want to be able to present existing and potential new Volvo buyers with a simplified, more modern and more cost-effective financial option, over and above traditional finance agreements,” says Greg Maruszewski, Volvo Car South Africa Managing Director, “With Volvo Versatility Finance, it is now even more appealing to buy a new Volvo – and then have the option to change it after three years. This makes Volvo ownership an even more appealing and enjoyable experience.”
This sounds like a good deal, permeated by a company that is clearly catering for the people. How can this deal be made any sweeter, you might ask. The answer lies in the second barrel: Volvo Car Insurance, a personalised insurance scheme available for all Volvo models offering owners highly-competitive comprehensive insurance premiums.

At the moment Volvo is offering this double barrelled deal on all 90-range models, such as the new XC90 and S90, at a fixed, and ridiculously low R999 per month, for the first 12 months. You know, that quite expensive XC90 that is rolling around with a Car of the Year award. This is actually too good to be true.

Volvo is clearly dedicated to its clients and this sentiment is greatly channelled through their determination to boost their perceived value by actually doing something about it in terms of the financial implications of ownership, rather than merely somehow producing more money to pump into some marketing scheme that permits even greater financial detriment to owners.

So go ahead, buy a Volvo. Don’t listen to your boss.

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