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What if Jaguar made an F-Type Shooting Brake?

As nice looking as the coupe?

1y ago

With the redesigned F-Type, Jaguar has slightly upgraded one of the oldest cars in its range. Released in 2012, the F-Type already had a very successful design. Since then, the coupé has aged well and an aesthetic evolution was not necessary. As a result, we can notice a style that evolves smoothly and remains very attractive.

The front end adopts a wider grille surrounded by significantly thinner and lowered headlights. The air intakes are also more sculpted and aggressive. New colours are also available, as well as new rims. The tail lights hardly change. Inside, the multimedia has been revised.

The restyled F-Type is only available as a coupé. Now let's see the result with a shooting brake model, invented by graphic designer X-Tomi Design. The plunging roof line remains more horizontal to promote living space. The glazing has been extended to provide more interior light.

Finally, the overall design of the F-Type is slightly impacted and remains as good as the coupe. The heavy effect of breaks is completely avoided and the car would gain in character. You could even say that the shooting brake body suits the restyled F-Type quite well!

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Comments (11)

  • They should make it!

      1 year ago
  • Old one yes new one no

      1 year ago
  • Weirdly it improves the styling of the front end, but the rear from this angle looks a bit too VW Scirocco

      1 year ago
  • Now that the hordes of software jockeys have digitally rendered everything under the sun into a shooting brake they have ceased to be special. Let's see one committed to metal...

      1 year ago
  • If that shit was reliable Id make all of the necesary efforts to have one, ITS TRULY FUCKIN BEAUTIFUL! but while they keep that shitty reliability game Im focusing on getting an RCF or GSF.

      1 year ago