What if Jezza, Hamster and Slowly did a breakfast show?

This could be my greatest idea yet, not that I have a great track record to compare to.

It was when re-watching the Top Gear Southern Counties Radio episode for the six-teenth time this week that I had a brainwave. That was truly one of the greatest Top Gear episodes of all time, and the best part was, we could sit at home and hear it live, or at least listen to the full show after. It was superb, and that got me thinking (which is something I am told I don't do very often) this is the kind of thing we need to see the Grand Tour doing today. The BBC sacking of Clarkson could've in many ways been a blessing in disguise. It was clear that Top Gear couldn't go on forever. And the moving to Amazon was a fantastic opportunity for the trio to branch out in tv, to entertain the masses as they hav so famously done for many years, but perhaps without the need to always centre their shows around cars.

Now as we have seen, they have all done this, but alone. Wouldn't it be great for the trio to take on the world, together. Do everything. Cars. Politics. Travel. And here was my first idea. Like the radio challenge, they take on live tv. A breakfast show, who wouldn't love that. Pure unscripted opinion and rant. And controversy, you can't go wrong with controversy. I would love to see Jezza talk to a SWJ who feels hurt because they got a parking ticket, or watch James fall asleep while the weather is on. This would, no doubt, be TV gold. And so this article was just an opportunity to share the idea, and get your idea on how this would go down. So I ask you this, if you were the producer of this wild-dream breakfast show, what three guests would you putting onto the show and why?

Should be interesting alright, hope you enjoyed. Oh yeah and thanks for reading, we're nearly at 10k🥳😨😨😨 (bumps, that is). Byeeeeee.

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