- A photoshopper converts luxury cars into vans and minibuses! - Image from Nikita Aksyonov

What if luxury car makers made vans?

1y ago


The trusty van. Some would argue that the Ford Transit is the back bone of Britain, but manufacturers have tried to make vans, well, more luxurious, more sexy. Mercedes tried this with the arrival of the Vito, a more luxury model for transporting goods around.

Photoshopper Nikita Aksyonov from Russia decided that there should be more manufacturers out there that produce van variants, and took it upon himself to create the designs for them! Putting current, luxury cars in the blender with a panel van, or minibus body and getting these results!

The Bugatti Chiron Van - Image from Nikita Aksyonov

The Busgatti, the Chirovan, the possibilities are endless. Getting dropped off at school by your mum's minivan suddenly became very cool, and the journey all of a sudden a lot quicker! Can't imagine a curbed wheel repair would be cheap though!

The Alfa Romeo bus - Image from Nikita Aksyonov

The Alfabus, to be driven the Alpha male. Even fitted with Quadrifoglio rims! Could you go camping in this?

The Porsche bus - Image from Nikita Aksyonov

The Mac-daddy of all minibuses, the Macan bus. Not sure i really like this one, looks a bit frog-eyed!

The Audi bus - Image from Nikita Aksyonov

Forget launching another 4x4, Audi need to make a compact van! Move over Nissan NV200, there's a new kid on the block!

The BMW bus - Image from Nikita Aksyonov

Fancy being a bit more eco-friendly? The Russian photoshopper has brought us the BMW i-Bus! They better patent this one before Apple get their hands on it..M sport alloys too!

The Lexus bus - Image from Nikita Aksyonov

Maybe full electric isn't quite your thing, so this one would definately be a hybrid! You can imagine Lexus' luxury interior in this LC bus!

The Infinity bus - Nikita Aksyonov

To Infinity and beyond! Although slightly ugly, you can picture Infinity putting a hefty V6 or V8 under that bonnet, for the plumber who needs that extra bit of umph!