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The Galant, a perfect car to build for Mitsubishi if you ask me, because it is a direct competitor for BMW's 3 series or Audi's A4, it has a sporty character but can still be very gently and civilized.

What would it look like?

Well.. we don't know what it would look like exactly, but we can always dream of the beautiful renderings by Enoch Gonzales. Of course we don't know for sure that it's gonna look like that, but it's probably the best rendering yet.

Mitsubishi Galant 2020 by Enoch Gonzales | Rear view

We don't expect to look the new Galant something even close to those renderings we have so far, not because they're unrealistic but because they are not very much in the style of Mitsubishi right now, of course Mitsubishi could try it out as a new style and build all their vehicles like this, but that's still very unlikely.

Also we don't know what interior trims it will have, although we can predict that quite easily according to Mitsubishi's current interior trims, like the one for the ASX or the Outlander.

What engines would it have?

the more important question on the subject of the new Galant are the engines? Will it have new engines or will it use the current ones, could they build a Diesel car or are they building petrol and hybrid Galants exclusively?

All we know is that hybrid trims would be very likely and possibly even an electric one, of course Mitsubishi Motors has to keep up with all the other manufacturers in the car branch, so an electric Galant could be what you'll be driving in the next 5 years.

Engines we expect are the 2.0L CVT ASG engine with both 4WD, RWD and possibly FWD. We'd also like to see a PHEV 2.4L engine in the new Galant representing a hybrid future for Mitsubishi Motors, the last one will probably have 240HP and be the most sporty trim for the Galant, so it isn't a sports car but it ain't a slough either. Also there might be a 1.6L MIVEC CLEARTEC Engine with 117HP which comes from the ASX.

So now we just hope Mitsubishi brings the Galant back with some new engines, new interior trims, about 400HP and RWD and we've got a new car to dream about! We can only hope that the Galant comes back after all.

Mitsubishi Galant 2020 by Enoch Gonzales | Front view



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