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What if the Nissan GT-R50 was a mid engined supercar?

it looks really good....

1y ago

Rain Prisk is rendering artist that creates renders on the question "what if?" this time the question asked was what if the GT-R50 was a mid engined supercar?

Rain Prisk on Facebook.

Rain Prisk on Facebook.

...I think a bit was inspired from the Ford GT...

Well the result is brilliant, you get a more aggressive look to it, much lower than you think it can be, wider car with flared fenders and bigger wheels. We know the GT-R50 is powered by a twin turboed 3.8litre V6 making 710 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque this will be a blast around the track.

But, there is small part I do want to point out. The side air intake and the gap that forms around thanks to the rear fender having a panel connecting to the roof it reminds me of the Ford GT, it does, but, am not complaining - I love the design of the Ford GT. What I like that completes it is the spoiler on the back it looks fixed at a good angle.

What do you think? Should Nissan make the GT-R mid engined?

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