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What if the series-production BMW iNext looks like this?

Future electric flagship SUV!

1y ago

BMW will soon be welcoming a large electric SUV into its line-up that will serve as a top-of-the-line model. It will have to offer the best of the German brand's technologies and will also be equipped with the most advanced features of the moment. Teams of engineers are currently testing the vehicle on public roads.

The vehicle is based on the Vision iNext concept and, like all prototypes under test, appears very heavily camouflaged. It is therefore quite difficult to predict the design of the series-production iNext. However, it is possible to use the Vision iNext concept as a reference and remove elements that are too fanciful for the transition to series production.

Graphic designer Avarvarii gives us his interpretation of what the future BMW iNext would look like. The artist took a BMW X7 as a basis and then worked on it from certain aspects. For example, we note the very thin headlights of the Vision iNext concept accompanied by the very controversial new grille.

The latter is closed and features a fake pattern imitating a real grille. At both ends of the bumper are two "L" shaped parts taken from the Vision iNext concept. On the side, the rims are BMW's classic styling, but here they are slightly closed in order to improve the aerodynamics, which are crucial to maintain range.

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Photo credits BMW

Photo credits BMW

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  • Please, anything but that rabbit teeth grille...

      1 year ago