What if these carmakers entered Formula E

Which of these carmakers would you like to see in Formula E?

Formula E has become a very big motorsport in recent years and many claim that it might pose a big threat to F1 in the next few years. So, with big names like Audi in the sport, digital artist Mark Antar has claimed that some more carmakers could enter the sport and if they did, then this is how their cars would look like.

Aston Martin

"Given their increased involvement in Formula 1 in recent years, I thought it would be cool to imagine their modern colour scheme from other racing series on a Formula E car", said Mark.

It is true that Aston Martin are in a financial crisis and if they do enter Formula E, then they could get good revenue.


This is an interesting one. Given the rumors that Ferrari might be quitting F1, many have claimed that they might enter Indy Car racing but Mark thinks that they might enter Formula E.

When asked about the livery of the concept, Mark said, "Ferrari liveries are always hard to re-imagine seeing how they have always stuck with a predominantly red car, without using a lot of graphic elements, so any big departure from their recent liveries would change the brand image. As a result, I've added some minor black and white elements that compliment the various sexy shapes of a Formula E car."


Whenever we talk about McLaren entering a sport, we tend to imagine their car in the famous Malboro livery and that is exactly what Mark has done here.

"One of the most loved F1 liveries, one cannot help but re-imagine it on every vehicle out there. So I tried to adapt the livery's simple forms to wrap around the complex Formula E car. This resulted in beautiful red and white flowing sections over the aggressive front wheels arches", told Mark.


At the time of making the liveries, it was not confirmed that Porsche will enter Formula E but now they have, let's see what kind of livery they should put on their car.

Whenever we talk about liveries, we talk about "Gulf" and Mark thinks that the Gulf livery might make it to Formula E one day.

"Porsche have introduced some of the most legendary liveries to the motor racing world, so I tried to re-create it on a Formula E car with some modern twists and sponsors such as "Porsche Intelligent Performance" and "Chopard", said Mark.

Moving on from the beautiful Gulf livery, to the Martini livery which is also one of the most iconic liveries of all time.

"Using the same sponsors as what you can find on some of Porsche's LMP1 racers, I designed the Martini livery around that in mind, and followed the car's fighter-jet like shape to apply the Martini racing stripes, along with some black accents to reduce some volume on the nose and wheel arches", Mark explained.

Also, now that it is confirmed that Porsche will enter Formula E, which other carmaker should enter Formula E: Aston Martin, Ferrari or McLaren? Let me know in the comments below.


I would like to thank Mark for providing me the images of his fantastic liveries. You can check his Instagram by clicking on the link below:


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  • Please do Porsche Rothmans

      11 days ago
  • Although Tesla have shown zero interest in motorsport, with their experience they could make a good go of it!

      13 days ago