What if they were Shooting Brakes?

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Rain Prisk, an automotive designer and Photoshop guru from Tallinn, Estonia likes to mess about with car shapes. Basically, if manufacturers won't create that special edition of the car you always wanted to see, Rain is your man. So let's see what some amazing cars would look like if they were a bit more practical. Shooting Brakes!

Aston Martin DB11

Prettier than the Rapide, while having more headroom for the people in the back.


The BMW Z3 Clownshoe is a collectible now. Time to bring it back. Besides, the latest Z4 has nothing exciting to offer.

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

The 8C had its gearbox at the back for better weight distribution, but the trunk space suffered. Shooting brake would fix that problem.

Porsche 911

The 911 has kids friendly rear seats. Well, why not for the adults too? Besides, we already have Panamera hatchback.

Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes made Shooting brakes before, but those were just some sharper 4-door wagons. They should do this instead.

Audi R8

Right now, all it does is give more headroom for the engine, which is kinda stupid, but when the next electric R8 comes out, it will look as cool as this one.

Bugatti Divo

What Bugatti needs isn't a version tuned for taking corners, but the one with more space for your suitcases. Just make it a GT.

Ferrari FF355

Ferrari FF is a great idea. Almost every 4-door coupe is disproportional, so why not just make it a hatchback? If only they thought of that earlier.

Nissan GTR

Nissan used to make Skyline R34 Wagon - the Stagea GTR. Should they make it again? Sure, why not!

Rimac Concept_One

Did you know that Concept_One had no rear window? Well, now it does. Also, look how low it is! Estate cars don't look like that!

McLaren GT

Making a supercar less edgy doesn't make it a GT, McLaren! If you really wanted to offer some creature comforts and practicality, this is the way to go.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani should never make a front-engine car.

Toyota Supra

Would you trade that iconic wing for some practicality? I wouldn't.

New Toyota Supra

This time around, there was no spoiler to begin with, so I guess it is fine. Plus, it shows how curvy those hips are. Yeah, I'd have it over a regular one.

Dodge Viper

Now that's a Clown shoe! Looks OK tho.

Jaguar F-Type

I didn't think it was possible to make the coolest car on sale to look even more cool! This one is Sub-Zero!

Tesla Roadster 2

This car is already promising hypercar performance and seats for four. So why not the trunk space for four too?

Ford Mustang

Had Chevy Chase driven this across the USA, I bet the movie would've had a very different vibe. Is this the coolest wagon, or the lamest muscle car?

Bentley Continental

Conti' is already made for long-distance, so more practicality wouldn't hurt. Besides, if this doesn't make turn you away from performance SUVs, nothing will.

Which one is your favorite? ❤

Which one didn't turn out well? 💩

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Written by: Styp P

Youtube: TopCars TV

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