- C​ould you imagine the next Z car as a mid engined super car?

W​hat if we are all wrong about the new/next Z?

M​idengine super car scene is growing globaly and spreading as fast as COVID19 ( ok, this is not the best analogy one can use but you do catch my "drift" here, right? )

38w ago

Roughly at about the same time as the Nissans Z Proto concept was revealed, another almost forgotten sports car manufacturer presented their next halo car. Maserati showed the world their newest mid engined super car, MC20! And man is it something out of this world. Maserati is back in business with this beast. Trident lives again.

I​f we keep on jumping the continents, on an island everyone knows as The Great Britain, McLaren has been doing so for about a decade now, Lotus has big plans expanding their super car and hyper car portfolio and even Aston Martin is announcing mid ship layouts for the future sport and hyper series automobiles. And if we dare to cross the big pound a true American legend, Chevrolet Corvette has already shifted its horses behind the driver in the most sought after and most affordable mid engined supercar ever. So if someone with over 60 years in making of front engined sports cars has made such a bold move, would it make sense for Nissan to follow the same recipe and reposition the VQ twin turbo V6 behind the seats? And if Nissan dares to do so, would you buy it? Could the proverbial "Z" be positioned somewhere in between the Alpine A110 and C8 Corvette? Size and performance wise? Could this be Nissans secret plan? Are they counting on the rumored Toyota MR2 comeback and a continuously growing world wide demand for the mid engine super cars?

I​f you have anything to add, comment or debate regarding this drifted away subject, please do as I am sure we all would at least like to dream a little.

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