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What is a car that you can think of that is very overpriced?
  • Toyota Supra
  • I will tell you!

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  • Any Mercedes or German car for that mater

      29 days ago
  • Any VW and audi

      28 days ago
  • There’s loads of cool classic cars that are overpriced. Peugeot 205 GTi. £10,000 for a good 1.9, I do think it’s worth that, but a 306 GTi6 with a similar engine is like £3000 for a good one, and you can get a 206 GTi for under a grand (granted it won’t be in fantastic condition) and that can have 180bhp

      29 days ago
  • Ferrari 250 GTO. Who in their right mind would pay $30 million for an old race car?

      29 days ago
  • BMW 8 series, just look at used ones with about 1-3k miles on them with between £20-30k knocked off the price.

      29 days ago


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