What is a supercar?

My point of view on what you can call a supercar

All of us here on DRIVE TRIBE are car nuts one way or another and we all have our personal understanding of what a supercar is, it is a word to describe rare, exotic, exciting cars that far surpass the limits of normal every day cars producing the same sort of noises angels make while opening heavens gates and could make a nun have an exploding crisis... (Got carried away there)

There is no standardised definition of what a supercar, is, therefore, some people commend cars like the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 Turbo/Turbo S and Acura NSX as a supercar... and that's perfectly fine! However, in my opinion, ​a supercar should be exclusive, beautiful lines, preferably mid-engined and top speed north of 200MPH. I see why people would say the 911 Turbo/Turbo S are supercars, however, to be completely honest, they're everywhere! Performance wise, yes, it is in supercar territory, however being mass produced and relatively easy to get makes it less of a "unicorn car" and that spoils it a bit. Supercars are cars that will break the neck of any living organism that sees it driving by (Even tree hugging, Prius loving hippies) and makes the tinkle of any car enthusiast jump of excitement!

Carrera GT at Cars and Coffee Las Vegas

Carrera GT at Cars and Coffee Las Vegas

We are living in strange times right now, we have manufacturers like McLaren producing jaw-dropping cars like the 570S/GT and the 540C with immense performance figures and gorgeous looks only to call them Sports Cars(!?) while smashing supercar royalty of not so long ago like the Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Murcielago! So is it really a Sports Car or is it a Supercar? I would consider it more as an entry-level Supercar for two main reasons, and two reasons that disqualify the Nissan GT-R and the 911 Turbo S in my book, one it looks amazing and two, they are very rare indeed. Does it make the root of my penis fizz? I wouldn't know since I haven't driven one... but just by looking at it, it makes me weak at the knees.

Ferrari 599 GTO at Dream Racing, Las Vegas, NV

Ferrari 599 GTO at Dream Racing, Las Vegas, NV

Now let's talk about proper supercars, shall we? These days we are spoiled for choice... really, we have cars like the Ferrari 488GTB, Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8 V10/+, McLaren 650S, Noble M600 and the like. They're beautiful in their own way, exceptionally expensive, great noises and one happy sack of meat in the middle! I call those supercars because of the reasons stated earlier and because every single time you jump in and drive one of those machines it makes any boring drive to the shop an occasion. It is a shame really that most of their life is spent as an ornament in someone's garage collecting dust. While I understand the reasons as to why people wouldn't drive them regularly, I also think they should be driven a lot more and shared with the world. as James May said in some old BBC motoring show: "by driving around in a Lamborghini you're actually doing the world a favour, cause it's a thing of beauty, other people can look at it and they can enjoy it. It's like owning one of Raphael's virgins and running down the street holding it above your head instead of putting it on the wall". I would love to hear what your opinion of a Supercar is and which one is your current favourite. Please leave a comment and share if you enjoyed reading it, this is my very first attempt at writing an article and would love some feedback from you guys! thanks for reading!

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