What Is A Two-Shaft Turbo

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A two-shaft turbocharger is designed to be a solution that allows an engine to produce boost across a wide range of airflow, while being more compact than a sequential turbo set-up. It also allows for high boost levels like larger turbos, but doesn't sacrifice the bottom end torque as much.

What's the secret to a two-shaft turbo? It uses two different styles of compressors. First, an axial compressor forces air into a radial compressor, which then increases boost further. Using variable vanes for both the intake and the exhaust turbines, the turbocharger can provide useful boost across a wide rev-range. It's like the combination of a jet turbine, an automotive style turbocharger, and a variable geometry turbocharger all in one. Sound complicated? Check out the video for full details!

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  • This design looks awesome, I absolutely love learning about things like this these are my favorite type of videos, learning how complex things work! On that topic I have another comment. You mentioned that most if not all own manufactures are not using this type of turbo in favor of sequential turbos to combat lag even though they may well be less powerful and take more space than a twin shaft turbo. I submit this is likely because of cost. There is additional development costs in designing computer subsystems to control the variable geometry and variable veining valves, also the cost of the TS turbo itself due to the complex machining required to make it would cost more.

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