I was not raised as gearhead or petrolhead. I did not have the chance to grow up on a farm tinkering with mechanical devices and learning about machinery. Dad worked at a car dealership, and as a result, hated cars. Having a son who read all of the big 4 car magazines and spoke of nothing accept 0-60 times and cowl shake ratings (that used to be a rating criteria) was an irritant to say the least.
Mentorship on the automotive front was non-existent. I remember one occasion my father coming home; I had the hood up on my car.
My father inquired;
“What’s the matter with it?”
“Nothing. I was just…”
“Then why’s the hood up?”
“I just wanted…”
“Put the hood down and quit fiddling with it before you break something.”
So my education had to come after I set out on my own. I had some basic understanding of how cars worked, but my education came from mistakes.
Lots and lots of mistakes later, I am only slightly better with a wrench, which is to say, I am incredibly stupid. But I have learned some very expensive and solid lessons. Unlike other activities I have tried, golf for example, this has not deterred me.
You would think I would learn. Stop breaking things, stop ruining perfectly good and several not good ones. I would stop getting in over my head and farm out a lot more work to professionals.
But what fun is that?
So I started thinking, there is no way I am the only one. So who else has done a lot of bonehead engineered disasters.
So tell those stories here. I will share many of my own misadventures and future plans.
I hope you can do the same, maybe we can we learn from each other.

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