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What is Car escapism ?

4w ago


Everybody has a thing that one does to escape a bit from everyday routine or job, right ? Well mine is something that I call Car Escapism. It's one of those things that I had remembered from the literature classes in high school, Escapism. Escapism is concept of litteraly escaping into your mind or some work of fiction to let it go a bit. Now add car infront of it and kachow you have the greatest toy ever for every petrol head from kid's dreaming about their first drive to people being bored at job. There are three simple steps to make it happen :

Step one : do something not intresting

You know like doing some work, school etc. In my case it's while I am picking tomatos in work or in school year at my uni. Just don't do it when doing something that might be dangerous :)

Step two: find (or imagine) car that is perfect for your escape

The whole reason for this article is in this point. While I was at work I noticed a white BMW M4 on driveway, which reminded me of this great video from penzoil on nurgburgring. But sometimes the car drops into my head, like last time when mysticly I started thinking about '67 mustang.

Step three: have fun :)

THE BEST PART. Everybody is thinking that you're doing what they see, but you're already skiding on the road and speeding through hills and corners :) Add your favourite road trip music if you would like. If you evere expierienced such thing or have your own method's to escape to car world let me know in the comments :)

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