What is DRIVETRIBE Leaders Supercar for November?

      All Drivetribe leaders can submit what they think is their supercar for november.

      4y ago


      Time to get in your nomination for what you think is the Supercar for November. As long as you think it's Super you can enter it. Max votes makes it Supercar of the month on 'Supercar Kids Rule'. SKR

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      Comments (4)

      • Hey John,

        Are you around?


          3 years ago
      • lexus LFA

          4 years ago
      • A car which you think deserves being Supercar for November, plus if you wish you can give the reasons. It could be any car, but you get extra points if you apply the Supercar Kids Rule to the car! Thanks

          4 years ago
      • So tell me the rules - Any supercar from any time that I'm just vibing on? Or a superchar that's had a particularly good November?

          4 years ago


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