What is "Em"?

It runs a little deeper than that...

EverythingMotorsport or “EM” as we call it on a day to day basis, is at heart a premium motorsport classifieds advertisement website, however the love for motorsport runs a little deeper than that…

The core of what we do, stems from the fact we do sort of encompass everything to do with motorsport, which is why the name works for us so perfectly!

Our team splits into three blokes who all have very different experience within the motorsport world! Firstly, we have our leader, El Capitano… Mr George Richardson.

George is a racing driver, with an illustrious career thus far, driving in ELMS, VLN and GT3 for Porsche, Ferrari and most recently Walkenhorst BMW.

He’s totally immersed within the motorsport world and this completely aids what we aim to do!

The second member of our team, PJ, the technology wiz but also an avid motorsports fan!
PJ is never too far from a BTCC meet or patiently waiting for Goodwood to come around again, he knows everything and anything about racing, from the drivers, to what paint they used on a livery, he’ll definitely have the knowledge!

Finally, we have the Microsoft word geek, the blogger, the social media freak, Cal.
In my own words (I’m the one writing this if you didn’t notice) I know almost very little about motorsports, probably no more than the very little I knew at all before I joined team EM! On the contrary I do love the history of racing, so expect a lot about that. Oh and I still get the bus to work… Make of that what you will!

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