What is Ferrari Classiche and should every owner enroll for it?

A dubai-based retailer launches an exciting new Ferrari Premium programme as well

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Getting your hands on a classic Ferrari is tough. You’re either lucky or wealthy or usually both. Maintaining that classic to those defining standards of the original is even tougher. You can’t just give it a go with a paintbrush and a couple of wrenches. Similarly, old Ferraris are historical. They deserve special care and attention, and that’s where the automaker, Ferrari themselves comes in.

Even though they appear to be more of a corporate merchandise manufacturer now, Ferrari still cares for its cars. More specifically, it is their older cars that demand more care. Being fully aware that their clientele might possess busy schedules, more wealth or the latest supercars, the older ones are bound to get less looked after. Hence, in comes the Ferrari Classiche programme.

But what is this Ferrari Classiche exactly?

Started in 2006, the Classiche is a programme by Ferrari which even today operates with the sole purpose of protecting the invaluable heritage that these cars represent. And also the super-valuable commercial proposition it represents for the owner.

In layman terms, Ferrari helps you in restoring your classic Ferrari sportscar via this Classiche programme. They provide this service of keep the parts and the bodywork in top condition along with an authenticity certification for the same as well, thereby increasing your car’s resale value.

How does this programme work?

Obviously, in exchange for some money. For a first-timer in the Classiche programme, the automaker takes your classic Ferrari for inspection. Upon the completion of the technical inspection, outdated parts will have to get replaced. In case the car is old enough for any worn out spare part to become unavailable, Ferrari can create castings identical to the originals as well.

Ferraris covered under this programme further receive two things - a maintenance manual and a certificate of authenticity, While the former includes the accurate list of service logs for the car, the latter comprises of a red book which establishes the vehicle to be in pristine condition and its compliance to the required standards of authenticity . Aids the resale value to gain a major hike if an owner happens to have both.

And where should I get it done?

The Italian manufacturer seems quite stern with their policy of having only their team of experts to be inspecting and working upon any car under their Classiche programme. And guess what, they can be found only in their authorised or 'officine classiche' workshops.

While scrolling through the internet, certain users stated that initially, giving the car to these workshops will cost you both time and money significantly. But then, you're restoring a Ferrari so one can assume you have the latter in plenty at least.

So the programme is just a service and no fun?

Oh no, of course, there is fun. Enrolling your Ferrari into the Classiche programme also means registering yourself into rare or model-specific one-of-a-kind races. Organised by the manufacturer itself, a Ferrari Classiche owner may find himself participating in classic motoring events such as the Le Mans Classic, Historic Grand Prix of Monaco.

And if you’re one of those owners who are skeptical about their old-car-driving-skills, Ferrari can take care of that as well, under the Classiche Academy.

Are there any other programmes like these?

Yes definitely. In addition to the above-discussed Classiche scheme, a UAE-based Ferrari retailer named Al Tayer Motors is offering a Ferrari Premium programme.

Now, what’s Ferrari Premium?

This one's tailored out specifically for older-yet-not-classic Ferraris.

So, all the 90s Ferraris come under the Ferrari Premium programme?

In a way, yes. The program, available with Al Tayer Motors Dubai, will only be working on specific models which got manufactured between 1992 to 2004. The Ferraris in question comprise of 456 GT/GTA, 456 M GT / GTA, 550 Maranello, 550 Barchetta, 360 Modena (all versions), 575 Maranello, 575 Superamerica, 612 Scaglietti (all versions), F430 (all versions), 599 GTB Fiorano, 599 SA Aperta, 599 GTO and the Ferrari Enzo.

Okay, so what's the Ferrari Premium about?

The Premium programme is like having a patient monitored in the ICU. Similar to how surgeons replace any component before it causes any further damage, Ferrari specialists will carry out a preventive maintenance plan. Here, specific parts of the car will get suggested for replacement, at a special price, if the technicians assess and estimate a probable malfunction or failure by a mechanical/electronic component in the near future.

Authentic spare parts will get installed if the technicians detect a component to wear out shortly as well. These automotive components can range from smaller parts like bolts, lubrication systems, brake lines to significant parts like brakes and hydraulic power steering.

If enrolled, a valid Ferrari Premium Certificate will be issued to the customer on the 20th anniversary of the car. This further allows the customer to receive the Ferrari Classiche certification book, complimentary or 'on the house' as one calls it, as long as Ferrari’s authenticity criteria are met.

And does any formality involve a unnecessary trip to Maranello every year?

In a word? No. All formalities, paperwork and services, including the Classiche programme can be carried out in any of the Officine Classiche facilities around the world. At the moment, there are around 96 such facilities spread out on our planet, out of which five are in the middle east. Al Tayer Motors themselves own one such facility, so Ferrari owners in Dubai seem sorted.

The last question, I always wondered how much warranty does a Ferrari have?

Every new Ferrari comes with seven years of free maintenance and three-year warranty (extendable for further two years). For vehicles between six to 15 years of age from first registration, owners can avail the New Power warranty, covering the main mechanical components every year.

Excellent, I have all the answers.

Now you might just have to wait for luck and wealth and maybe even a classic Ferrari to show up.

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