What is happening to Kia?

A revolution is underway, and Kia have gone from zero to, well not quite hero, but hero in my eyes at least. Here's the latest from South Korea.

Before we start, the racetrack competition is nearly over, so I politely ask that just a few more of you enter. It's a bit of fun, do it. Now. Or whenever best suits. Ok enjoy my shitty article.

So, we're talking Kia then, yes? 2021? Ok. Let's start with the Stinger, because we should because it remains my favourite car in the world because it is exceptional. We've got a facelift for 2021. Lights are new back and front, and have allowed the car to be even further improved. Interior is still superb, and I don't really know what else to report. Oh yeah there's some engine stuff, 3.3l v6, which I'm supposed to hate I think but I don't because somewhere in there 365hp happens, which is about 265hp more than I feel deserving of. So it's GOOD NEWS for the......oh wait wrong car.

Note: The Korean writing does not come on the windscreen, visibility will not be affected with this newer model.

Note: The Korean writing does not come on the windscreen, visibility will not be affected with this newer model.

Ok next, the other saloon. There has been a LOT of talk in the media (what else is new) about Kia's new saloon. And they have cut no corners in very clearly letting us know that the 'K5' as it has been named, will be a replacement for the Optima, not in fact simply a refreshed Optima. Dunno why that was such a big deal worth harassing the general public of the world with, but I'm still happy. And I should be, because the design for this one is good competition for its sporty counterpart in itself. It really is brilliant, dashling lines, sleek all over. Very modern and very cool. Inside we are told is just as good, with some seats, a dashboard and pedals, and yes you would be right in assuming that I have done absolutely no research into the K5's interior. Rest assured it will be great no doubt. Oh nevermind I did some research and yeah it looks brilliant. Good. Engine stuff. I saw some numbers and letters, and was then told they were indeed very good numbers and letters. Best I found was a 2.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder producing an amazing 290hp for a daily saloon car. And that's enough said for me to be sold. Oh sold, that reminds me, it'll cost some money I don't know how much. Less than 30k, that's a guarantee.

Right, let's take a look next at the Sportage, because we're seeing a few interesting ones depending on where you head around the globe. China for example, has been utterly blessed by this new amazing possible model:

It really is a looker.

It really is a looker.

And while this excited me for a new Sportage altogether for the world, we have seen lots about the 2021's model retaining this years design. Which is fine because that is also brilliant. Just this one's better. No interesting news beyond that, still very comfortable, still very good quality and still great value for money.

Now, the Sorento. This is a good one, because we are getting a new Sorento, a complete refresh, which I think is nearly overdue given that the old one is just a bit too average. You will have an engine, but because it's an SUV no one really cares about horsepower and all that. So what you need to know is that it will be a big car, and a presumably lovely one to live with aswell. That's thanks to A) a good interior, and B) an even better exterior. As with the other cars mentioned so far, this one will cost you money. But we can't say we weren't expecting that.

And other than that we have no newer news on news from the South Korean news that gives us our Kia news. All you need to know that hasn't yet been discussed is there will be a superb Ceed Hatchback, sadly an estate. A pretty sexy crossover or two, and an incredibly boring rival brand to make them all look even better. Thank you Hyundai for that. Otherwise I will leave you with a moving and sentimental quote from a wise old man;

"There is no joy without Kia, and no Kia without joy"

Oh my god I just made that up there and that is so smart. Wow, I've outdone myelf there. Enjoy your morning/afternoon/evening/night and let us go our seperate ways after you take this nice little poll. Goodbye👋.

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