What is herospec?​

2y ago


Welcome along to my tribe, HeroSpec. What is HeroSpec I don't hear you ask? I am going to tell you anyway ! HeroSpec came about a number of years ago, around the time Robert Kubica took up rallying coincidentally....

HeroSpec - [heer-oh-speck] - (noun)

has entered the vernacular so that the following can be properly expressed. It can be applied to the people, places & things.

1) Heroic driving (extra points if it's in a shitty rally car)

2) Small rally cars with big power (so Novas and 205s can be HeroSpec, Imprezas, for example, can't. Volvo's are an exception to this rule they are always HeroSpec)

3) Anything to do with Gigi Galli is HeroSpec likewise, strap Robert Kubica in a rally car and he becomes HeroSpec!​

This car is very HeroSpec, all though it is not on two wheels driving flat out through a stage, Novas for the most part are HeroSpec. Plus this one has Turbo Fins! Turbo Fins make anything HeroSpec!

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This is up there with one of the most HeroSpec moments ever. Mr Galli kindly asking a Police Officer if he can do doughnuts around a round about, on an open road, at one of the most HeroSpec events, Rally Legend (I will take about this event again!)

So to summerise, its all about

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