What is it actually like to drive a Ferrari F12

An insight for poor people.

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I once slipped on ice and hit my head on the ground. It has nothing to do with this story but it really hurt. Anyway, I once also drove a Ferrari F12 and I described it as "riding an elephant that you had just injected with meth in the bum". It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

"Dont worry, Vincent its just a car", I foolishly told myself as I strapped myself on top of the 736HP Naturally Aspirated V12. I turned the key and pressed the big shiny red button labelled "Engine Start".

All 6.3 Ferrari Enzo derived litres screamed into life, the engine note, sounds like when you give a Puma an enema. Its a high pitched and low pitched shout. Its marvelous!

As you grip the steering wheel with the funny light-y up rev counter, you feel like your'e untouchable. I mean it, I was on the verge of giving a pedestrian the finger just for looking at me.

There is no button for the parking break, the car puts the parking break on automatically once its switched off, you can't activate it with the car on, and to deactivate it all you do is drive, im not sure why but its a Ferrari, you just DON'T question it, they made the supercar so whatever, its fine!

I cant describe driving it, just watch my video on it below.

What I learnt in the 10 minutes I drove is that it isn't "just a car", its a murdering machine that will seduce you, lure you into its Ferrari leather lined grip, give you incredible confidence and then strangle you to death with brute force.

There has never been a moment where I haven't wanted to drive a fast car, fast! Except for when I got onto that straight back road. Thats when I learnt that cars CAN actually be too fast.


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