What is Japan Car Culture?

First things first, here's a quick explanation of what's going on here...

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Hello and welcome! First things first, here's a very quick blurb about my background and 'Japan Car Culture'. My name is Taryn, and I'm an automotive photojournalist and car-obsessed Japan enthusiast from New Zealand. I first travelled to Japan on a whim back in 2011, and fell head over heels in love. Japan was a magical wonderland filled with the most amazing sights, the most incredible cars and the coolest people in the world. And I quickly realised that one 10-day trip simply wasn’t going to be enough...

Over the last half a decade I’ve travelled to Japan as many times as possible in an effort to discover as much as I can about this amazing country and its fascinating car scene, and now I want to help others share the same experiences.

JapanCarCulture.com is a website I created earlier this year as an invaluable tool to help you discover all of the best stuff in Japan – it’s what I wish I could’ve had for the first time I went there. It includes in-depth Guides, an Event Calendar; everything in there has been put together specifically with the goal of helping other petrol-headed people like you have the very best time in Japan as you possibly can, based on my real life experiences (including my mistakes!) and things that I’ve learned along the way.

So how does Japan Car Culture fit into the DriveTribe community? Well, I hope it'll be a place to share helpful, inspirational and insightful articles, useful tips and advice, event coverage and Japan photography.

If it helps, here are some basic guidelines:
Please avoid posting images of your own cars or imagery/information that isn't relevant to this tribe. Some examples of relevant content might be photos from your experience in Japan or something you learned in Japan that you think others might find helpful. Please use your best judgement! And if you need help planning your Japan trip, please email me at taryn@japancarculture.com or visit JapanCarCulture.com/membership

Thanks everyone, and looking forward to getting this kicked off!

Taryn Kelly | Managing Director | www.JapanCarCulture.com

JCC Membership: www.japancarculture.com/membership

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  • great article

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  • Taryn,

    Are you around?


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  • Cheers Артур!

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  • Great job Taryn... and a really good tribe I have to say :).

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