What is Maserati up to with this prototype?

Maserati have themselves leaked the spy shots

36w ago


Maserati have been a bit off the car scene of lately. Now though, Maserati have spruced up things a bit by blessing us with these flashy spy shots... of its own car. Hmm...

Maserati have called it the 'Super Sports Model'. This test mule is ranking up some miles using the new Maserati powertrain. So now we are guaranteed that there will be no Ferrari influence in this sports car.

Testing the engine is not the only objective of this mule, this will also give the tech nerds at Maserati some valuable data so that they can optimize the aerodynamics and cooling of the car.

Coming through those Viale Ciro Menotti gates, what this test mule tells us that the future of Maserati is indeed very very bright... and also not electric (for now).

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  • Either the alfertti, the next GT (Likely not), or some other sportscar.

      8 months ago