Motor Bike Expo is recognized as the most important event in the world for custom motorcycles. Over 155,000 visitors gather in Verona during the 3-day event, a number that continues to grow year after year, proving that it is the heart of the international custom world.

The main leading brands and manufacturers are all present during Motor Bike Expo, along with over 600 other exhibitors and 70 scheduled events. During the three days, witness exhibitions, shows, presentations, unveilings, and award ceremonies spanning the custom and sport worlds, innovative new technologies, and the social and artistic expressions from the entire two-wheel universe.

The Specials sector is the centerpiece of what Motor Bike Expo has to offer. In the last edition, the public had the opportunity to admire over 200 motorcycles crafted by world class customizers along with special guests from America, Japan, and Kuwait to list a few.

Motor Bike Expo is the undisputed leader in this sector; a show that always looks to the future and pays special attention to riders and enthusiasts.

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