What Is motorcycle maniacs?

What can you expect from my tribe? find out below...

4y ago

I'm going to start out as I mean to go on, and be completely honest with whoever decides to read this. I signed up and submitted an application for DriveTribe under the impression that I wouldn't get selected. So when that email arrived saying that I'd been chosen, I was completely shocked.

When the next email came telling me to start thinking about what I wanted my tribe to be, I went into a complete state of panic. Eventually, I came up with a name and found the best picture that I'd taken at last years Motorcycle Live show.

There is only one thing I am sure of in life, and that is that I want to write about motorcycle racing. So that's exactly what this tribe is about. It will be (or at least I hope it will be) a place for me to share racing news, opinion articles and general chitter chatter for you all to join in with at your leisure.

My name is Emily, and this is my tribe.

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