What is Motormouth?

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What is Motormouth? Good question. As I sit here, in the third floor of the library with my unopened textbooks staring me down, I wonder the same thing. As of right now, it's a project born primarily of curiosity and procrastination. Sprinkle on a little bit of a desire to do something interesting and a whole lot of passion for all things automotive, and here we are. My vision for this tribe is to create an environment where car lovers from all walks of life can congregate and just talk motors. As we all know, finding someone out in the real world who shares your obsession is like finding a Tesla owner whose license plate isn't some witty pun about how their electric car consumes no gas and is saving the world. That's to say, it doesn't happen very often.

So, make of this what you will. I hope to post regularly, and these posts will probably be just whatever's on my mind. I'd really love for this to become a place for people to engage in active discussion. So far, it seems like DRIVETRIBE is just a lot of nice pictures of expensive cars. That's all well and good, but isn't this supposed to be a sort of social media outlet for cars? Isn't the point to chat and debate and try to be witty with car guys all over the world? Go wild. Tell the world in excruciating detail why you think the Acura NSX is the greatest car ever to be built. Post a novel about your E36 M3 and how much it means to you. Whatever you have to say, here is the place to say it.

To finish off this unnecessarily long and in-depth intro, I'd just like to leave it with a quote from everyone's favorite shaved ape. "How hard can it be?" -Jeremy Clarkson

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