What is small tribe focus?

What is all the focus about?

4y ago

Here is our measure of success! Below in the gallery are pictures of the 45 tribes before we started.

I know this is a huge task but good things will come to the best supporters!

Here is what I need! (first do not bump or comment here!)

Pick somewhere other than here to communicate until Monday Launch.

Last week Chase posted at Radio Drivetribe a promotion for the new hashtags. I reposted that 100 times. On Mondays launch of "project scrapyard" Chases post will turn into a new picture with this promotion! I want you to go to Radio Drivetribe_ and place any comment on Chases post. On Monday I want that post to be on the most read list on the main screen when we launch this! Here is the link.


Our measures are up and if you want to get a jump on supporting these tribes GO. For this week tribe focus will be these 45 tribes and Hood Ornaments_ / Kemp Davis. If you wanted to set yourself apart from the pack now is the time. Join, Bumps, Comments at 46 tribes.

Cheers and good luck

As usual this is not about me or my tribe. I am not eligible for prizes. Prizes for leaders could be as little as James leaving a recording on your drivetribe answering machine. Could be as big as ice cream with Hammond? Depends on the outcome. Time to shine!

This is our original idea. who what when where why....

The Goal.
To smash one out of the park and put one small tribe in focus each week.

A tribe who is active and supportive who has 20 or more original posts.

Small tribes collectively focus on supporting 1 tribe per week both bumps and comments.

Weekly but with a focus on Thursday night or Friday morning of every week as this seems to be the busiest time for members to be on and active.

I will run the original out of Radio Drivetribe Picture and have the kids send it to Small Tribe Alliance and New Tribes. I will watch the comments on all three listed.

Each week whatever tribe is the focus, support it with bumps and comments. Take a good look at all their stuff. Focus your bumps on Thursday night or Friday morning. ( My tribes are excluded from the focus )

Detail behind the idea.
After reviewing comments and worked with a few tribes to go public, this may work as a next step to get our stories out there. If you are interested in taking part leave a comment below. I will watch the comments and release the name of the focus tribe on Monday. If it's successful next week we can continue each week with a new focus tribe. Hopefully this will put some fun back into it and tribes will get to know each other better. There are just a really great bunch of people on drivetribe.

Does it work? It seems to be giving new tribes a helpful boost.

Week 8 is Plate Spotting / Todd Levalley has three tribes. His original call for support was on DEC 31 2016 at Small Tribe Alliance. Better late than never.

Week seven Gun hill studios_

Week 7 tribes who HELP

Week six irreverant car talk_

Week 7 tribes who help

Week 7 tribes who help

Week five Old Fool Riding_

Week 5 tribes and people who supported the effort! By releasing the helpful tribes in this way we know where to go for active users and support each week. The stats for your tribe are not up to date but at some point this may become obsolete. Until then I will keep promoting the tribes that really helped out.

Week four petrol mum_

Week 4 we ran Petrol Mums_ but my kids were on spring break so I was not able to compile the usual stats. I do have the before and but . It also became clear that a small group of engaged users is the absolute key to success for small tribes on drivetribe.

Week three speed machines_

Week three I broke out commenters and joiners.

In week three we hit a critical mass and held speed machines at most active and most discussed for most of Friday. This just about tripled the size of speed machines in one week. I have to admit it had me scratching my head wondering if we should change things but I decided to run our original criteria and see it though. The guys over at AT THE WHEEL_ also run SMALL TRIBE ALLIANCE_ Many tribes have turned to them out of frustration at times and they have been a big part in the success of Tribe Focus. We have started from the very oldest posts for help and slowly worked our way up that list. So if you want to take part get over to SMALL TRIBE ALLIANCE_ and post your site. Generally it is a great place to get help anyway. I post all of the original posts at RADIO DRIVETRIBE PICTURE_.

On Monday I will release the results from this week and the new list of active or engaged tribes. I will apologize now for possibly leaving somebody new out. We had so many people and tribes join in, it broke the system and I could no longer retrieve the early tribes. I generally know who they are though and will do my best to reconstruct.

Usually on Thursday for me, Friday for the Aussie's, I send a note not to barrage the tribe focused that week. This week the success came from the comments focused on one page. We even beat out a post from Clarkson for a while. This resulted in at least another 100 members at Speed machines, probably more. So those who heard the call to comment will be featured this week as it was nothing short of astonishing.

A lot of great tribes are stuck in a bit of a vortex. Your success depends on the community of members and how engaged they are. For a whole host of reasons people come and go on drivetribe and if your community does not log on your tribe becomes stagnant and that can be really frustrating. Everybody who takes part goes on a list of people who are active and supportive. If you support their tribe they will support you. The biggest success I think we have is giving tribes a refresh of active supportive users.

Week two both hand drive_

As drivetribe has been growing so has our number of support tribes. We have created a pyramid of tribes that are so engaged that everybody on the list has seen benefit. I tried to run a vote for week three but only had two replies so we will continue with the same criteria for a while.

Week two engaged tribes

Week two engaged tribes

Week one ten tenths podcast_

Week 1 engaged tribes.

Week 1 engaged tribes.

The best way to promote your tribe is to promote your friends

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Comments (16)

    • 4 years ago
  • I like this idea. I'm lucky now, but I found it absolutely impossible when I was super small, and that really discourages original content, which was the whole premise of the website.

    I am meeting a lot of Tribe leaders on here that I really like (I think there's an awesome group of people on D_TRB ! I can't wait for them to bring out something to help us connect with each other and support each other better too.

      4 years ago
    • It is a really great group here on drivtribe. There are still new tribes signing up all the time and that is the aim of the support. It would be difficult to start from scratch. Go check out the Aussies over at Small Tribe Alliance_ their main...

      Read more
        4 years ago
  • I would love to be part of this it is a great idea

      4 years ago
  • I appreciate the kind words guys. If we all crashed on a plane together in an unknown land, lets call it driveland. None of us knew each other and found that the only thing to eat was a native species, lets call them bumpits. You will find strenght in numbers as we work through the dilema. It is just a natural progression of a chaotic mess.

    It doesnt matter if you are a journalistic star or just like cars. In the end this may just end up being the reason why drivetribe succeeds where others have failed. There is such a crazy diversity of content I just love it. It makes me want to go tune my garden tactor and race my neighbors.

    Last note. We saw last week at speed Machines that anytime something looks popular and new members just flock in. There is huge potential and people streaming in all the time. We just have to figure out how to dive them our way.

    Cheers guys

      4 years ago
  • If DRIVETRIBE had a Nobel Prize you'd be getting it.

      4 years ago
    • Just a heads up John.

      Todd Levalley / Vintage Mustang_ He will be next in line from his post for Plate Spotting_ for focus tribe from the Dec 31 2016 post.

      Corey Ash / Name That Car_ from his Jan 6 2017 post will be the following week

      Read more
        4 years ago