What is [smh]?

A quick intro to who we are, and what we're about.

Nick Ford posted in [s M H]
4y ago

Many of our members have been through their fair share of car clubs. We've bounced around trying to find a good group of friends who all share a passion for motoring. We have come to the conclusion that for a group of friends to properly get along, we can't have the prominent discrimination that many car clubs fall victim to. I'm sure most enthusiasts have been in that position at some point, usually at a car meet, where you have some snobby car owners looking down at you, or even verbally bashing you for your car preferences. It's not a good experience, and frankly, it's counter productive for the entirety of the car scene. We know that the ongoing battle (JDM vs Euro, etc) will never end, and it's that very conflict that keeps our shared passion alive. Imagine if everyone liked the same cars, and we all drove the same cars as a result?

We've come to the realization that for a car club to grow and get along, we can't solely be about cars. Our passion for motoring is what brings us together, but it's the people that keep it going. This is the main reason why [smh] is a social club, with a shared interest in cars. We focus on the passion rather than the specific vehicle.

There are only a few requirements to become a part of [smh]. The first being the obvious enthusiasm about cars. The second is owning a vehicle you are proud of, and is "clean". By "clean", we mean a well maintained vehicle in good shape, with tasteful (or no) modifications. The last is obviously much more ambiguous, and for good reason. As much as we want to be inclusive, the unavoidable truth is that there are certain types of cars (rusted out, insanely loud, ridiculous attachments, etc) that we are not fond of. That being said, it's more of a group decision than a strict rule.

If you're located in Calgary (or the surrounding area), and would like to see what we're all about, drop a post on DriveTribe with some pictures and details about your ride, or contact us on our Facebook page @smhyyc

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